Great analysis, Cathy! Two things that came to mind for me:

1) The reference to "Juno" on the dog tag might be Elliott Page — formerly Ellen — who starred in the eponymous film and who came out as trans in late 2020. "Elliott" is another emergent "goddess" to be worshiped via Hollywood in which almost everyone big-time is trans.

2) I think that red shoes indicate that this EPA Audrey/Aiden is a fully initiated mind-controlled member in the death-cult.

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Excellent ! Great work it’s very very interesting. I want to tell you what I discovered Cathy : we can discover females under MK regarding their morphology. I mean they all are born male and transvestigated at birth. They reveice a uterus transplant before puberty so they can have children. But their squeletton is always in male proportions, so we can see them, and they are a lot lot lot of them among us.

Just looking at social medias, stars and girls with accounts certified, ect.. -> All are inverted. It a biiiiig secret and I’m still looking for a survivor who talked about this birth’s transvestigation.

Biggest secret of the organization I think…

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this is the most thorough analysis I've seen covering Audrey's online traces thru an MK / symbolic lens.

I totally did not notice the details of posture, genital likeness or much of the words in their Shining portrait!

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I think the significance of her dog tags calling her Juno is that she would have been addressed as that at some stage during her programming, once she became a daughter of Saturn i.e. the dark lord.

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There is big money promoting, and profiting from psychologically destabilizing people , and societies using something that is a very, very rare psycho-spiritual illness of believing one is born the wrong gender.

Most of these billionaires in this investigative piece, below, are Asheknazim, and two of them are related to Penny Pritzker. Penny was the very early money behind the global psyop to install a closeted homosexual CIA stooge married to a transgendered male who promoted the trans psyop for 8 years as first transgendered First "Lady" in the White House. Most of Obama's background is total fiction.


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