This might be a useless comment to write here but I don't know of a more appropriate place to leave this. It has to do with the deception in the world over Covid and Ukraine mostly, though it's everywhere.

It was about 5 weeks ago that the Project Veritas Jordon Walker video came out. When I was growing up I generally was the most naive and gullible person around because I trusted people but when I saw that first video I knew within seconds that it was fake. George Webb debunked it within hours yet the majority of antinarrative substacks and commentators and commenters went off the deep end and have never come back to reality.

Then the Seymour Hersh Nord Stream bombing article came out and the geopolitical antinarrative experts fell for it without seemingly ever reading it. It was full of holes. Eugyppius.substack.com helped me out with that but there were many debunkers.

Now it's 5 weeks later and we've survived an alien invasion attempt using interstellar or intergalactic weather balloons. Prior to all of this the knowledge that the US government used the US military to most likely release the virus but also most certainly, create and coerce the world into getting the gene therapies, was gaining traction (based on the frequency of comments posted wherever I travelled).

Since my sources for geopolitical analysis proved themselves useless I've migrated and have been listening to Conspiracy Distillery at YouTube and at his website, Brendon O'Connell on YouTube and George Webb at TheDukeReport at Rumble.

Arturo Tafoya at Conspiracy Distillery was recruited into Cicada3301 (not quite, it's really complicated. I just don't want you distrusting me for trimming details), the sort of precursor to Q. Maybe start at the 1.15.14 long Q Investigation one. Long story short, everyone knows everyone and it's all fake. Example: Frazzledrip was first promoted by Media Matters which was owned by a guy who was good friends with John Podesta. Wikileaks is mostly fake. Assange may not be, but the rest is. Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden and Seth Rich are all fake. Q was started by Jim Watkins of 8chan and Code Monkey fame and Thomas Schoenberger. It was partly run out of 82nd Airborne of Ft. Bragg (remember, the people who were supposed to be tracking the rigged election?). Trump, Pompeo and Flynn were in on it. Others linked are Robert David Steele, Jack Posobiec, Jerome Corsi, Cynthia McKinney, Tracey Beanz, Sidney Powell (whatever happened to her being sued for a billion dollars?), Mike Cernovich, Jason Sullivan, Bill Binney, David Wilcox, Seval Oz (Mehmet's sister), Jhamal Kashoggi, Coleman Rogers and Laura Logan. There's more but you get the picture. Some may be innocent or even good guys. There were so many names that for the first time every I listed in my note keeping app just with commas separating them (not vertically on the left side). Too much space otherwise.

Guccifer is fake too. Wesley Clark Jr is a good guy. Isaac Kappy was involved and may have been driven to suicide by Schoenberger (his specialty).

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I converted and saved on my computer the video that Fiona had on her YouTube channel. It was the 2 3/4 hour one where she, among other things, explained the types of psychological therapy which are effective or ineffective for this type of trauma (most are worse than useless and that's obvious to anyone with any sense in their head). I'm a 58 year male that's been reading psychology books since I was 11. She confirmed many things that I suspected but couldn't explain, even to myself.

The thing is, she seemed so intelligent and strong in that video. Everything about her leant credibility to her story. But once that video was removed, and I've tried to find it elsewhere, every other video about her seemed to make her look weak and semi-hysterical. Like she was just another crackpot. Very strange considering how impressive she was in the other video. And as far as I could tell, that was the only video taken down.

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I.was trafficked

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Are you in touch with Fiona?

If you are, tell her I need to talk to her:


Jenny Hatch

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