It's Sept. 9, 2022 today. Earlier this week I saw someone on YouTube, The Duran channel. Video titled - The Laptop w/John Paul Mac Isaac and Larry Johnson (Live) Set.5, 2022, talking about Maxey without naming him.

John Paul Mac Isaac is the computer repair guy that had Hunter's laptop. I believe it was Larry Johnson who said in this video that the guy that claimed to be decrypting Hunter's hard drive and was going to release it to the world (that would be Jack Maxey) was actually a setup and was posting child porn and encouraging people to go look at it or download it on the basis that it was from Hunter's hard drive, so the authorities could track down and charge those people with accessing child porn.

This never made sense since you can't decrypt or uncover hidden files on a copy of a hard drive, as far as I'm aware. People were saying this at the time.

It's 1.5 hours long. Sorry I haven't time stamped the moment he starts talking about that. Probably in the second half.

Cathy. I wonder if you'd be interested in checking out a substack called bailiwicknews written by Katherine Watt. On Apr. 28, 2022, her article American Domestic Bioterrorism Program lists, since 1900, every law, executive order and regulation created by the US government that legalized the plandemic. She has hot links to all the original documents and paraphrases their meaning. When you actually see the laws they made you'll hopefully realise why so much misinformation and distraction exists. It's to keep us busy with what doesn't really matter. The only problem here is if Katherine's interpretations are inaccurate. I'm no lawyer so...

Also see secularheretic, also at substack. He has a story on donald j. trump from Aug. 13, 2022 which shows Trumps involvement in this. He did more than anybody to make this happen.

If you're a fast reader see, substack again, Harvard2thebighouse. His articles are super long. He keeps telling people to start at Golden Silkworms in Pandora's Box from Apr. 1, 2021 (He gives lengthy answers to many comments, as well. Major bonus. Just don't ask stupid questions or he'll go off).

It's the first in a series of 7 articles that add up to half a book. He is some kind of virus expert. He thinks COVID-19 most likely came from an Live Attenuated Vaccine (LAV) for SARS that Dr. Ralph Baric was developing at University of North Carolina. The virus was then transported to Wuhan to run through humans. Whether by accident, on account it escaped from ferrets being used to attenuate it, I can't remember. It's all so complicated and jargon heavy I could barely grasp it.

But the result is the vaccine managed to deattenuate and become air transmissible. AIDS if the Air I think he calls it. He believes it's going to continue to deattenuate until it gets really dangerous and will kill 90% of humanity over the next 20 years. And that's without the DeathVaxx doing it's job.

He thinks it was all an accident by idiots trying to get rich and famous. The only protection is washing and sterilizing the throat and sinuses 4 times a day. No mention of Ivermectin or all the other therapeutics.

His opinion is at odds with that of Larry Romanoff and Ron Unz.

On a different note, I've listened to hundreds of hours of Jessie's interviews since her very first few. I never paid to hear her at David Zublick's (what is this guy going on about? Does he think we're all stupid?) channel though and Good Dog never got to the point. All the rest I saved as mp3 and mp4. Don't listen anymore.

How do you get transcripts of these interviews? That would save a huge amount of time.

I saved a video that Fiona Barnett had on her YouTube channel that was later removed. It was about 2 hours 40 minutes long. It was the one where she talked about everything she went through as well her experiences with Clinical Psychologists. She criticized most therapeutic modalities and talked about the effective ones. Half of the video was a critic of modern psychology. It's the only excellent video of her I've ever seen. All the rest make her look like a neurotic victim.

I can get it to you if you want. It's one of those ones where you go "thank God I saved that."

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