Belenoff and Q

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I first heard of Somerset Belenoff in early 2020 when this site was being passed around social media. Who is Somerset Belenoff Who is Somerset Belenoff?[7]

However on first blush that site appeared a bit cloak and dagger and sensationalist as well as a couple of things didn’t appear to add up.

People familiar with the illuminati did not recognise the name “World Governing Council” (WGC) or the “World Security Office”.  On quick research there did not appear to be a Countess of Arran.

There were however some superficially interesting aspects.

  • Karina Belenoff was linked to a cannibal restaurant.

  • House of Wettin

  • Glamis Calling [6]

  • Twitter House of Wettin  [2]

  • Twitter Karina Karina Belenoff [3]

  • Wikipedia House of Wettin [4]

  • Archive People are Meat [5]

However as always there was the suspicion that these sites may be set ups.

I did complete a thread on the Cannibal Cravings 2020 Jul 30 cathyfoxblog Cannibal Cravings Thread thread Reader App [10]

They seemed “well connected”…

Cannibal Thread Tweet 2 [10a]

Later someone who I will call Bob contacted me and had  investigated further. He found that there was a 3rd generation Countess of Arran.

Lady Arran is the 14th generation of the Fortescue family to live at Castle Hill, Devon. Lady Arran’s great-grandfather, the Rt Hon Earl Fortescue, was the first member of the family to become Show President in 1923.

Meet Lady Arran the new President of Devon County Show [12]

This may or may not tie in with Belenoff on further research.

(Although I had to block Bob on social media, I hold no hard feelings against him. He did some valuable research, but like a few people, they think their research subject should instantly be of paramount importance to me)

There were at least a couple of articles written on Belenoff…

  • 2020 Jan 22 State of the Nation ELABORATE HOAX: Countess Somerset Belenoff & Wettin World Governing Council[8]

  • 2020 Jan 13 Mike Rothschild Who is Somerset Belenoff?[9]

The Wettin is the name on the crest /logo of the Hollydale restaurant

Wettin Dynasty

Major European dynasty, genealogically traceable to the start of the 10th century AD. Its earliest known ancestors were active in pushing Germany’s frontier eastward into formerly Slav territory; and by the end of the 1080s two of their descendants, brothers, held not only the countship of Wettin (on a crossing of the Saale River downstream from Halle), but also, farther east, the margravate of Meissen (on the Elbe River). The Wettins of Meissen vastly enlarged their line’s territory by becoming landgraves of Thuringia in 1264 and electors of Saxony in 1423.

Of major importance was the division of the Wettin dynasty into Ernestine and Albertine lines in 1485. The Albertines secured the electorate of Saxony from the Ernestines in 1547. The Ernestines retained thereafter some less important possessions in Thuringia which they constantly subdivided between themselves. Their possessions became known as the Saxon duchies and included Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Eisenach, Saxe-Altenburg, and Saxe-Gotha, among others. In the 19th and 20th centuries the Ernestine Wettins of the Saxe-Coburg branch rose to unprecedented heights. One became king of the Belgians as Leopold I in 1831, and another, Albert, married the British queen Victoria in 1840 and was the ancestor of five successive British sovereigns (though the name Wettin was rarely cited in England, and that of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was officially changed, for the British, to the house of Windsor in 1917). Yet another Ernestine, Ferdinand, married Maria II of Portugal in 1836 and was the founder of the Portuguese royal house that reigned from 1853 to 1910. And finally, a fourth Ernestine became prince of Bulgaria in 1887 and king in 1908, as Ferdinand I, with his descendant reigning until 1946.

The Albertines were electors of Saxony from 1547 and kings from 1806 to 1918. They also provided two kings of Poland, Augustus II and Augustus III, between 1697 and 1763. See also Saxon duchiesWindsor, house of.

Wikipedia House of Wettin [4]

Interestingly the motto on the Wettin “logo” along with the all-seing eye of Horus  – “Proditio mors es” literally translated is “Surrender death of”, so I guess with a 500 year adjustment it could mean “surrender to death” [19]

It would appear then as though the Wettin’s are a powerful family and that the UK Royals are a mere branch of this.

Since my first research I have found that World Council can be another name for the Satanic Council. So the WGC may be just part of the mass council or if there may be another group outside the overall Satanic Council, the Council of all the heads of the Wolves.

The House of Windsor is the reigning royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. In 1901, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (a branch of the House of Wettin) succeeded the House of Hanover to the British monarchy with the accession of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Wikipedia House of Windsor [16]

So it did appear the Belenoffs needed further research. The Glamis Calling [6] website showed itself to be an interesting site of coded communications.

The primary reason for the sites possible importance to many people is because of these two messages about Q from August 31 and October 27th 2017 approving Intitiative Q and saying All shall awaken.

Dated 2017 Aug 31

Dated 2017 Oct 27

If posted when actually dated, then this predated the first Q posts,  and seemed to be contrary to the commonly accepted theory that Q was a mix of Military Intelligence and National Security Agency, with Trump as Q plus.

The date for the first Q post “on the boards”, I think at this stage it was 4chan, 28 October 2017  the day after the second Glamis Q post!

So it raises the possibility/ probability that Q was a psychological operation on behalf of the illuminati…

  • Perhaps it is one faction of the illuminati against another?

  • Perhaps it is a trap to out the people who follow Q? cf Operation Trust

  • Perhaps Trump is a player?

  • Perhaps Trump has been tricked or double crossed?

Who knows?

I don’t know nor am likely to. I am just presenting what appear to be a few facts and asking a few questions.

The following article deals with some reasons why Q is not a pacification psyop, without considering this Glamis revelation. But some of the reasons may still be valid. 2021 Jan 21 Stillness In The Storm No, Q and “Trust The Plan” is Nothing Like OPERATION TRUST, It’s not a Pacification PSYOP and Here’s Why. [17]

What difference does it make if Q is run by Belenoff’s? 

It may well make a difference to some people, but to me not a lot. I keep plodding on trying to spread knowledge of the child abuse, ritual abuse, child sacrifice and the illuminati.

I don’t want to live in a world that is ruled by people who perpetrate that. I wish to expose it whatever the consequences.

Of course I hope that the death cult are all taken down, and hopefully the apparent Biden Presidency is in fact a sham and under military control, as a scare event to take us to the precipice to ensure most people awaken to the realities of this world.

Hopefully the satanic cult are all dealt with with the couple of hundred thousand sealed indictments.

What is the Belenoff plan? Do they control Q?

Again of course I do not know.

So who are the Belenoffs?

Glamis Castle is known as the home of the wolves.

The wolves are one of the sets of the assassins for the illuminati.

Jessie has done a radio programme with Right on Radio, about the Belenoffs. I do not listen to radio programmes as they take too much time to listen to, and then even more time to transfer to a usable format for blogging.

However there is an autotranscript, albeit vastly imperfect. It is somewhat readable with difficulty, but it is hard to tell when Jeff is speaking and when Jessie. Obviously coming from the system Jessie’s information is alot more reliable than Jeffs which are from websites. The “um’s” are usually Jessie, the repeated info from websites, the quality of which I do not know is Jeffs.

If anyone wants to transcribe this to help the cause, I will post it here.

                                               Somerset Belenoff and Karina as well I think.

What information I can glean from the transcript however is that Jessie says she is head of the Head of Green Dragon family, North Quadrant, a slightly higher position than her husband.  She surmises that Somerset may be the senior Grand High Priestess and international rather than just the US.

Her husband runs one of the six departments for the protector assassins, so that’s where she gets a lot of  military power, pretty much their own army, and she can order assassination of those who are going against the system.

So an important figure, but still I surmise not one of the 25/30 non mind controlled individuals at the top. She will have gone through the Monarch mind control programme and that is seen in the staring eyes.

I believe that Glamis Castle is home of the wolves, the wolves being a particularly violent assassin group.

I include the transcript at the very very end, as it causes technical problems, altering the formatting of the whole blog.

I will not go further in case I misinterpret and hence mislead. You can listen to tthe programme if you have time.

2020 Oct? Right on Radio with Jessie EP.49 Somerset Decode[18] 

Transcript at very very end of post

The genetic wolves are derived from I think the Romanov or Rasputin lines.

If you want further research into bloodlines, then Payseurs are connected to the Hapsbergs, Lorraine, and Plantagenet. The French Bloodline, this is where the French, Russian (Romanov and Rasputin), German, Italian, and several other major bloodlines meet with the Drago bloodlines. Plantagenets are one of the main hidden bloodlines that links to the Collins and Freeman Bloodlines of the Illuminati. All the very top levels in the Illuminati are born of these lines which intersects through Germany, France and Russia via Vlad Impaler bloodline.

On the Glamis website, the twitter accounts and sites  listed there is much that can be followed up and researched. Talk of Kusher and border security, even talk of Lucifer not being allowed to address the Council.

Recently on the site there were notices supporting patriots, warning about provocateurs affecting the inuguration, saying that she has sold Bohemian Grove and the last one regardings communication channels with old passwords. Check for yourself -Glamis Calling [6]

There is also information on the Who is Somerset website, but do not know the accuracy. Who is Somerset Belenoff Who is Somerset Belenoff?[7]

eg Elizabeth Somerset Feodorovna Bowes-Lyon Belenoff  (born May 1, 1953) is a British aristocrat, born at Glamis Castle, Scotland (a well-known location to veteran Illuminati researchers). She shared a strong bond with the late Queen Mother and is a favorite cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Within the hierarchy of British nobility,  she holds the rank of Countess, having been granted that title by Queen Elizabeth II in 1979 when she was appointed to represent the UK in the House of Wettin’s Upper Chamber. Her official title is Countess of Banbury and Arran.

Just a couple of my thoughts. As head of the extended branch which includes the Windsor family, perhaps Somerset has turned her back on Prince Andrew, which is enabling progress to be made in the Epstein related case.

Is the recent case against Simon Bowes Lyon evidence that this branch is turnign its back on paedophilia?

2021 Jan 12 Mail Queen’s cousin faces jail after sex attack on guest at Queen Mother’s childhood home: Drunken aristocrat barged into victim’s castle bedroom then tried to pull up her nightie and kiss her[13]

As there is enough important detail in this post and links and sources /resources for people to follow up on their own, and Q is not my speciality, but is the speciality of others, I probably will not be returning to this, preferring to concentrate on what I specialise in and can influence.

I hope Somerset and others are turning their back on Lucifer and working for the good of all the earths people…

My contacts follow, then some resources for survivors, which I had left out of the last few posts by mistake and then some useful links of sources of information, some of which will need updating in this turbulent censorship times of the New World Order.


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